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WebSDR Sites

WebSDRs are Web-based Software Defined Radios. These are radios you can listen to, and browse frequencies in any web browser. These are great for those do not intend to transmit or want to listen using their computer or mobile device. You can stream virtually any frequency, all around the world, no matter where you are.


These are radios you can install on your mobile device so you can listen anywhere.

  • glSDR(Nearly all frequencies):
  • Scanner Radio (EMS, Utility, Municipal):
  • TuneIn (Public Radio, Music, Sports):


Decoders are software that will decode digital or tonal data that is transmitted over the air waves. This includes morse code (aka CW), sstv, and other digital data. Be advised that some digital data is illegal to decode and intercept, due to privacy laws in the USA. When in doubt, don't decode!

Transceivers and Repeaters

Transceivers are radios that can both transmit and recieve, including handheld devices. Repeaters will take a weak signal, amplify it, and then transmit it as a strong signal so it can reach longer distances.Do not use these software based transcievers or repeaters if you do not have a valid FCC Shortwave Radio license.

Lists and Directories

Some useful lists and directories for looking up frequencies, repeaters, call signs, etc.

FCC Rules and Regulations

Other Cool Stuff

Here are some other related (and maybe non-related) things that listeners might be interested in.