The Early Days of CB Radio

When CB Radio first started, one would have to pay a fee and get a license to transmit on the channels. They have since stopped issuing licenses and you can transmit on any CB radio frequency without a license as long as you follow the FCC rules. Truckers and others who travel usually communicate on Channel 19 (27.185 KHz). Channel 9 (27.065 KHz) is reserved for emergencies and traveller assistance (in other words if someone needed to call for help). Back in the 1970s, CB Radio really took off and was a part of pop culture. Movies such as Smokey and the Bandit, and TV shows such as BJ and the Bear and The Dukes of Hazard featured CB Radio talk. Radios were purchased mostly at stores such as Radio Shack and Lafayette. In fact, Radio Shack even put out a comedy vinyl record album in 1977 called All Ears:

Pop Radio also reflected the CB Radio craze with the hit song 1978 Movie Convoy:

I know I spent quite a lot of time on CB Radio. The Convoy song kinda brings tears to my eyes, remembering those days and the fun we had with the CB Radio!