The Monster of 3840 (And He Strikes Again)

October 2002 @ 04:00 PT
Freq / Band: 3840 / 75m

This is probably the most hilarious thing I've heard on the radio. :D The way the guys were talking about it, it seemed so rare that it never happened before and may never happen again. Well, actually, the monster struck again! (Ok, maybe not the same person or frequency).

It all started when Radio Show Host Art Bell and his friends were talking on HAM radio late at night/early morning hours after one of his shows. Apparently one of their buddies fell asleep at the wheel, so to speak...

Then lo and behold... The snore monster strikes again! This time it ended up at 14.150 KHz a few years later (obviously another guy altogether)! I wonder if the monster woke up yet?